SEO: Search Engine Optimisation; It’s the process of getting more customers visiting your website organically through higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

The SEO audit provides you with clear insight into how well your website is currently performing along with steps to improve your ranking and get more customers whilst increasing your conversion rate.

Whether it is looking through keywords, trends, content marketing and fixing technical issues, my SEO audit will ensure your organic search strategy is in the best possible shape.

I come from a full service agency background having worked on a range of technical SEO projects for clients including Village Gym & Virgin Media. I’m based in Glasgow, although cover all of the UK with my range of SEO consultancy services.

I have provided a broad range of technical SEO audits & recommendations. I’ve also consulted to a range of local companies on getting the most out of there website with Google by delivering in depth technical SEO audits covering a range of sites from lead generation to Shopify SEO audits.

An SEO audit can help identify areas in which Google and other search engines might be struggling when crawling your website. This is important as Google needs to find all core pages to know how to rank them for related search terms.

If your website isn’t easy to find or takes a long time for Google to access this can impact how you rank on Google for your chosen search terms. This is an example of optimising for indexation and crawl efficiency, one of many technical issues we check for in an SEO audit.

The audit process we carry out uses a range of leading tools to give us the very best insights on how to improve your site performance. I take the time to review your website in detail and complete this full audit highlighting a range of issues and how these can be improved over time.